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Brief Histories of Everyday Objects


Brief Histories of Everyday Objects
NY Times Bestseller, 206 pages, featuring true stories about everything from toothbrushes to Tupperware.

"The most delightfully irreverent illustrated history lesson since Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History of the Universe."―Booklist

"Ever wonder how the postcard, the bathtub, the ballpoint pen, the microwave, or kitty litter came to be? Warner has you covered with fun and quick backgrounds on objects we take for granted today."―io9

"Funny, clever, and very well done indeed."―Comicsbeat

“[Andy Warner is] equally interested in the chaos that often follows entrepreneurial initiatives, and each strip, though brief, has the power of a parable, outlining how some inventors were cheated, fell into greed, or used their wealth to attempt to fund new, even quirkier endeavors…. Warner is a deft cartoonist, able to convey a lot of information, humor, and emotion within a single panel.”―Publishers Weekly

"Brief Histories of Everyday Objects is... dense enough to be worth savoring. Keep it next to the bedside table and reach for it for just a few minutes at a time. The success of its humor may tempt readers to skate past its worldview, but the true joy of the book is that Warner’s casual brevity on behalf of a more progressive commercial milieu sounds some pretty uplifting notes amidst all the avaricious shenanigans." - Pop Matters